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As a behavioral health provider, you recognize that your clients are individuals.  You also know that they are more than their psychiatric diagnosis, drug of choice, and/or symptoms.  In addition, over time you have found that some of them share common histories, problems, and life situations, while others share different bio-psychosocial histories, characteristics, strengths, and lived experiences.  You know that serving consumers is not a “one-size-fits-all” endeavor.  However, it has been difficult to get clear and holistic pictures of the different subgroups of people, and even more difficult to understand what members of different groups might need to support their rehabilitation and recovery. Through our health care research in Columbus, OH we can offer you a better way to help your clients. Enhance the human service development in your company today by reaching out to us. 

Cluster-Based Planning (CBP) shows you the way by providing clear and concise descriptions of members of these different subgroups of people.  This information is grounded in evaluative studies, statistical analyses, and/or "expert" knowledge contributed by consumers, providers, family members, and other knowledgeable citizens.  Cluster-based Planning gives all stakeholders important information to plan, evaluate, manage, and improve behavioral health services.  It also provides a platform upon which to build integrated behavioral health and primary care services.

Cluster-based information has been used by agencies to engage consumers in a recovery dialogue that leads more directly to the use of evidence-based and/or emerging best practices.  In addition, analysis of service utilization, consumer outcomes, and cost data by cluster allows for better management of resources and improvement of services.

Improve patient outcomes through Cluster-Based Planning that targets specific populations. We offer the ability to analyze service utilization, cost, and outcomes data by cluster, adding crucial data for determining best practices for these subgroups of individuals.

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Enhance the human services your organization is able to deliver by implementing Cluster Assessment. We train your staff to determine which cluster history " Best fits" their life story. This makes it easier to engage clients in a recovery process and to better plan and manage services.


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About Synthesis, Inc.

Founded in 1987, Synthesis, Inc. is a private applied research and consulting organization that specializes in planning and evaluation technologies for mental health, substance abuse, and other human services.  Our goal is to improve client care and enhance recovery by using knowledge gained in research and evaluation efforts to train staff, plan for enhanced services and evaluate those efforts.  Over the years Synthesis staff have designed and conducted major service system research studies, managed quality assurance programs, provided staff training in a number of areas, and implemented local and statewide planning efforts.  Staff and associates have served as principal investigators on several major research projects involving: informed consent for the use of psychotropic medications; the impact of Ohio's revised civil commitment procedures, and the development of “best practice” models for clusters of adults with severe and persistent mental health issues.

William V. Rubin, MA, founder and CEO, is the key developer of the Cluster-Based Planning (CBP) system.   This system is the culmination of more than 30 years of work to understand and describe more holistic, bio-psychosocial histories of the meaningful subgroups of people we serve, and to use this information to improve their lives.  In 2001, Cluster-based Planning was Identified as an Emerging Best Practice By The Ohio Department Of Mental Health And Addiction Services.

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Everything we do is about building better organizations and moving the world toward a more scientific way of understanding behavioral health. We believe that evidence, reason, and a practical application of research deliver the best results for those most in need of treatment. That’s why our health care research emphasizes a comprehensive system of modeling the ways that various diagnoses and relevant behavioral factors present in multiple subgroups. 

Our approach is a fine-tuned method that combines intelligent selection of subgroups with an empirical analysis of the complete profiles they represent. In other words, we don’t just examine pre-chosen groups of people--we work to identify what grouping categories provide relevant data and lead to the most functionally useful conclusions. That allows us to discover insights that individual analysis and broader or more traditional practices can’t uncover when we apply our procedure from cluster-based behavioral testing.

We do all of this with a single goal: to make real people’s real lives better through a thorough understanding of critical elements that impact the choices they make and the symptoms they live with. Underlying our commitment to scientific analysis is a core principle of compassion that drives us to find answers that matter for clients and communities who deserve an accurate picture of what behavioral health looks like within and across clusters. Discover what we can do to refine your approach to psychiatric help by reaching out today.

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